Come and live a tailor-made experience on a large poton on the water of your choice.

What is Aguatour?

The Aguatour experience is a chance to spend an unforgettable moment in a beautiful pontoon on the water of your choice.

During your experience, you will have the chance to enjoy several activities such as swimming or wakeboarding. Take the opportunity to live the ADE experience with a chef or a massage therapist.

Whether it’s simply to spend a moment on the water during a sunny day or for a gift, the Aguatour experience is an activity that will remain engraved in your mind.

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Our mission is to provide you with unforgettable experiences. Whether you are a family, a group of friends or a couple, our goal is to allow people to create pleasant memories in good company.

We offer several types of experiences such as the drift experience for the adrenaline junkies and the green domain experience for the nature lovers who wish to make their self-sufficient home project a reality.

An escapade not to miss

What can you do on the boat?


Practice your favorite water sports like wakeboarding and water skiing, tubing, paddle boarding.


Bring your fishing rods and go hunting for fish by exploring the best fishing spots in the area.

Chief Service

What better way to satisfy your taste buds than with a renowned chef?

Take it easy

Relax and enjoy the deck to unwind, do yoga or just take your mind off things.

Massage therapy

Let yourself be pampered during your pontoon ride. Take the opportunity to relax and get a massage from one of our massage therapists.


During the hot summer days, take advantage of our magnificent bodies of water in Quebec to cool off and swim.

Frequently asked questions

Check out our frequently asked questions section during the experience.

The duration of the Aguatour experience varies according to the package chosen and the departure time. The Relax & Chill, Unlimited Water Sports and the Boat, Eat, Repeat packages have a minimum duration of 4 hours and a maximum duration of 8 hours. The custom it all package offers you the possibility to choose the duration of your getaway and to personalize your experience.

The price varies depending on the package chosen and the services selected. In general, expect a fee of $150 per hour + the cost of each additional person or service.

Yes, teenagers 16 years of age and older are allowed to participate in water sports such as wakeboarding.

Aguatour's packages

Several packages are available to you during your Aguatour experience. Whether you are looking for an activity to do with your family or a moment to relax with your loved ones, we have the package that suits you.

Relax and Chill

from 150$ / h

Boat, eat, repeat

FROM 150$ / H


FROM 150$ / H
Departure early in the morning from Lake St-Louis to go to the beach of Oka and return to the starting point for supper.

Unlimited water sports

FROM 150$ / H

Custom it all

Customize your Auguatour experience to your liking and enjoy the ultimate pontoon boat getaway experience.



Contact us to know the availability, the rates and the equipment. Our team will be happy to answer all your questions as soon as possible.