Le Domaine Vert L'avenir

Le domaine vert l’avenir is a project of autonomous properties in the heart of nature and the mountains of Sainte-Émilie-De-L’énergie.

The facilities

The type of building put forward is single-family homes that will respect all municipal standards. The houses will be 1 to 2 storeys, with a homogeneous, modern and functional architecture. The development plan will include a community garden located between lot 252, of the attached surveyor’s plan, which will be maintained by the residents. In addition, a space in the same lot will be set aside for composting and organic waste.

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The mission of
Domaine Vert L'avenir

Domaine vert L’avenir is an integrated housing development project focused on food and energy self-sufficiency without compromising good taste, quality of life and innovative design. Respect for the environment will be the priority. Minimizing deforestation, renewable energy and reducing the environmental footprint will be part of the daily life of these residents. The enchanting setting of the St-Émelie-de-l’Energie region is the perfect epicenter.

Realize your dream project in an enchanting domain!

Whether it’s for the construction of a rental cottage, a primary or secondary residence, Domaine vert l’avenir is the ideal place to realize your project of autonomous house in Lanaudière.

The project has a total of 22 lots for sale for the construction of an autonomous project.

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A 100% autonomous project

The community gardens will capture rainwater and runoff to minimize the environmental footprint. We would also like to develop a simple composting center to fertilize the soil and reduce waste sent to the landfill.