A boat waiting for a ride on a lake near Georgian Bay and Blue Mountain resort in Muskoka, Ontario.
wakeboard. wakeboarding jumping at sunset
Young sportsman surfing across lake. Surfer wearing wet swimsuit training in wake park, wakeboarding on river, pulled by motor boat, clinging to cable. Wakesurfing, waterskiing, sports and recreation

Enjoy the warm summer days by boat

There are many options for pontoon boat experiences this summer. Whether you want to practice your favorite water activities or just relax, get a massage or spend a pleasant day on the water, Aguatour is an experience not to be missed. 


Participate in our latest project, the domaine vert l’avenir in Sainte-Émilie-De-L’énergie. Less than an hour from Montreal, Domaine Vert l’avenir is a residential project of 100% self-sufficient houses and cottages. Realize your dream of staying in nature while being self-sufficient.


Strong sensations at the rendezvous!

Are you a thrill seeker looking for new experiences? Come and live the unique experience of being launched on a race track at more than 100 kilometers per hour in controlled derailment. 

Drift Découverte is a unique experience that is certainly not to be missed. What could be better than a day filled with emotions for the birthday of a loved one? 

to suit all tastes

From thrill-seekers and rock ‘n’ rollers to those who want to relax on a beautiful pontoon boat, we have a variety of activities and experiences organized for you, whatever your taste.

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Enter the ADE universe

Have you ever met true enthusiasts? People who are passionate about life, about having fun, and about giving you experiences that will stay with you forever? Well, at ADE, that’s what we are. 

Follow us in our family and entrepreneurial adventures. From impromptu trips to the acquisition of projects in the wild, you will discover the whole universe of the ADE family.

Offer the ADE experience as a gift

Whether it’s for a birthday party or just to have fun, ADE Experiences offers you experiences you won’t soon forget. Come relax and enjoy a delicious meal cooked by a renowned chef on the Richelieu or why not live an incredible drift and adrenaline experience in a race track.